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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by Asherahpova View Post

Sweet Jesus, no hitting partner? Hitting with the effing PR LADY?
I have never heard the likes of that, and it's even stranger considering only her fans in here seem to know what's going on. I mean I would have thought that when it reached hitting with the PR Lady the Twitter journos etc would have had a field day. I'll never get my head round that one, how does she even practice? By herself?

Thanks for all the insight by the way, some things there are truly shocking. But yeah, a male hitting partner is a basic requirement for a player like Petra.
I almost missed this, cause the page flipped so fast, due to the length of the thread.

Yeah, it's crazy. Most of GM doesn't know this. And I guess the press does (or maybe they don't), and keeps it quiet. Like I said, so much of this is revealed in the Czech press. And maybe that's the reason why, the English speaking press doesn't know or reports it.

And yes, we know Petra hit with the PR lady, cause she told us in ONE OF THOSE ARTICLES. LOL

As far as the NO HITTING PARTNER SITUATIONS, I think it's twofold.

1) Both Petra's manager and coach (as I mentioned in that long post), have mentioned in the past, that 'Petra doesn't like redundant activities', so they have to give her 'different methods' to train her. So I think the monotony of a hitting partner, Petra may not like. Her manager, may also be too cheap to hire one, if he's paying for it and not Petra. How else can you explain it?

2) Of course, the REAL problem of not having one is: It explains, why Petra, can so many times be horrid in her form to start a tournament, especially when she doesn't carry her brain with her. And if you use last year as an example, this may also explain why she couldn't beat Maria or Serena and made so many errors on the slower clay and Plexicushion vs Sharapova. Yeah, she could get by with out one (hitting partner), against most of the field. But not against Maria, Serena, and some of the other losses she had. It's a different level of pace, consistency and determination she's going to face, compared to previous opponents, leading up to them.

Common sense says: Why doesn't she or handlers get/realize this, I know???

But yes, it's true. And she still doesn't have one.

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