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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
OK Asherapova.

I found it. Here's the detailed response I gave to UncleSilas repeated questions. I'm posting it here, instead of private messaging it, in case some one else ask, wants to know. So calm down some of my Czech Comrades.

This discussion, actually came out of Petra's Czech Extraliga loss/panic (lol), back in late December (the 18th or 19th, 2012). Here it is below, with the original question and link. I didn't realize that, when I copied it, but screw it.


Where do I start?

I tried to be polite, discreet and respectful.

But yes, it's her management.

They are not set up like the management of top 10, young Wimbledon, future potential multi Grand Slam champion. They're set up like a top 100-200 player operation. And they possess too many conflicts of interest, all controlled by one person.

I, along with others, have spoken about this Plenty in Petra's subforum. But I've never went into detail here on GM. And I still won't. It's just too many examples. However, I'll try to give a decent overview.

1) Her Manager/Management seems to only hire Czech's or Slovak's within his network. Now, I don't have a problem with that if they're the best people. However, if they're not and/or presents significant delays to Petra's development, then that's a problem.

Her last Fitness Person was Ivanko. That was the gentlemen you were mentioning. He was very good actually. But he was let go. Her new fitness person (another Management choice), appears to be nothing to write home about, and almost embarrassing for a player of Petra's caliber. Trust me. That's a problem!

2) Her Manager (who's not a coach or tennis player, but a business man) actually chooses her coaches and even peripheral staff. That choice should be between Petra and her coach (and or independent tennis advisors she consults with). But her manager actually publicly brags that he's the one calling the shots and controls Petra's decision making. Can you believe that? Tacky!

And even her current coach (David Kotyza), who shows promise in some areas, and lack of promise in others; is a stooge of her manager. I think his hearts in the right place. Nonetheless he's a YES MAN for her manager. And I doubt, Petra will receive outside help (specialist--for example--to work on different tennis areas) anytime soon, if ever, at all.

3) Her Management has massive conflicts of interest. He owns/runs the Prostojev club; he's Petra's personal Manager (with massive control over her personell, career and events participation). He's a Czech Tournament promoter (Fed Cup, Prague 100K and Extraliga); and Prostojev is involved with player development as well. He's also manager of Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova, who are also members of the Protojev club, just as a FYI. And of course he's active in Politics.

Because of the various conflicts of interest, Petra is frequently asked (and he's actually bragged in Czech publications that he can get Petra to do what he wants) to promote or play in his silly events--even when she should be home resting/preparing for Slams or out the country practicing on outdoor hard courts, as opposed to indoor in cold ass Czech Republic. So you know; Prostojev is mainly an indoor facility.

You know, Petra hadn't had a male hitting Partner all year in 2012? Last year, she periodically used her boyfriend--Adam (also a member of her Managers Prostojev club by the way) to hit with, and look at the results she had? This year, the only time, I can recall she hit with a male hitting partner, was when she hit with the Prostojev Junior boys. Yes, you read right. And the irony of that?....Petra actually extolled the virtues of hitting with a male hitting partner (albeit junior boys), but she hadn't had one all year. Come to think of it; she hit with a Junior boy (in Adam), periodically last year as well. Amazing! SMH.

How in the world does a player with Petra's stature and presumed expectations, not have a part time, per diem or full time male hitting partners?

4) Petra was diagnosed with asthma in 2009 at the US Open. And it appears they had taken three years to find the proper inhaler. Why? They had a host of the world doctors to choose from, and it appeared they only focused on their local Czech doctors to find the solution. Puzzling. And you can say this about practically every decision her team makes. They don't operate like a top team. And to make it worse, Petra trust them and appears to not encourage or insist in her own decision making.

5) This would explain why Martina Navratilova has said more than a few times on Tennis Channel "I don't know what's wrong with that kid, she doesn't contact me", when asked by Lindsay or her other broadcast partners on the air. This year at Fed Cup, Martina wasn't initially invited. Yes it's true. Apparently, it was a dis by one of the Czech tennis Big wigs that her manager cozies up with. It appears they may encourage her (directly or indirectly), not to speak to outside tennis advisors, due to their established, internal Czech Cliques?

Former Steffi Graf coach, and Czech Pavel Složil , stated in a Czech magazine article that Petra should seek out Djokovic's people regarding her conditioning, diet, asthma and further fitness. And I agree. You see, Pavel is an independent Czech, not affiliated with Petra's manager, so speaks freely like any other normal person would. Unfortunately, I highly doubt she will.

And here in lies the big problem (and why I wrote so long ). Petra's hasn't taken charge of her career yet. And the people she has (in my opinion) don't appear to be able to take her to the next level. They caught lightening in bottle with Petra in 2011. And it was her talent, youthful optimism and confidence, which carried her through. Don't get me wrong. They did their parts/job. However, Petra needs additional support, advisors, fitness, practice and mental strength, etc., if she's to fulfill her promise. Unfortunately, her management (who appears to make the decisions) seems content, with using the people they have in their network, even if they may not be the most qualified, reputable or convenient choices.

Petra has earned enough money and the reputation (in tennis circles) to hire the best or at least top notch people in assisting her to potential greatness. However, for most of the year she didn't have an actual team. At first it was Petra, her coach and Fitness instructor. When he left, it became only Petra and her coach, until Katie The PR LADY (probably from WTA) traveled with them. And in Montreal it got so bad, that Petra actually hit with Katie before her matches there. Now give Petra credit, she won Montreal (though she could have very well lost in the first round). But how in the world can you hit with your PR Lady, who's not even a tennis player? SMH

Pavel Složil , mentioned in his interview, that he used to have Steffi hit with the top male players (and I mean the VERY top) after an easy match to get her reps. Now, not only did Petra not have any male hitting parter in 2012 in any capacity, but I've never heard of her hitting with Tomas Berdych (despite the management connection) at any slam or combined event. SMH

Until things change, Petra's team from top to bottom is just not anything to write home about. As a matter of fact, it's kind of embarrassing for a player of her caliber and recent, current success and alleged aspirations.

In short: It's like Petra has a Bad Father/Controller/Coach, that can't let go (and neither can she for that matter). Yeah, we've all seen, heard that before. The difference is; it's a greedy businessman out to further his won self interest and ego--many times at Petra's expense and detriment, I feel. She could get rid of him tomorrow if she wanted (or choose her own people to work with, if he insisted on keeping her). We know, Petra doesn't need and can get rid of him. It happens all the time with player, managers. Granted; it's a little more difficult with your mother or father as coach or manager. But that happens to.

Hopefully (though I'm not counting on it anytime soon), Petra will. We'll see?

Tenisova Extraliga in Prostejov: WTA #243 Sandra Zahlavova d. Petra Kvitova 63 63

PS: I also came across an asthma article around that time as well. This one was actually posted on GM and not here....Maybe I'll private message it to you (only cause of the older date, and I don't want to confuse readers), if/when I get the chance? Hell, maybe I'll re post it, since her asthma continues anyway.
Ex, thanks for pulling all the info together, I had myself missed some of details due to my long sabbatical – you should copy all the answers you gave Asherahpova to one of the following thread so it not lost again and can be easily referenced :
PK and coaches - your take / PETRA TEAM bashing thread
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