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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by Asherahpova View Post
Thanks for everything.
You're welcome.

Note: After Petra's loss to Pav's (where she played decent, albeit--wildly up and down), she claimed asthma had something to do with it.

After Petra's loss to Domi in Sydney, where she happened to play horrendous. She complained about her new fitness trainer, somehow throwing off her mind, body or strokes. It wasn't clear how or why, but she claimed her strokes and mind weren't right (or something to that effect), as a result of her recent training, new fitness instructor. I didn't read that full article (I was lazy this time), but there are some excerpts here. Just check the articles posted after the Sydney loss to Domi.

After her loss to Robson--at Oz, Petra claimed no asthma, and blamed her serve, which she described, 'the worst ever' for her. There was an article posted here, where she made those quotes/comments, preceding the article Lufa re-posted/translated, maybe by a few days. Later (as in the article Lufa provided), her mental state and lack of confidence was mentioned as well. Petra's just currently a mess, in every aspect. See, that's my opinion; not a fact or an event (where they're many of them)!

Hope that helps, gives you a good guideline, for the first three events (for her) of the year, and the subsequent quotes, gist and articles?
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