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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
My only advice to you, bruce: get some investors, build a tennis academy, hire a few coaches and try to attract local talents and compete on the global market.

If the academy where Hingis and Kvitova developed their tennis skills and which produced the reigning Fed Cup and Davis Cup champions is so amateurish, there's no doubt that many other tennis academies are in an even more pathetic condition and you will have no problem to steal their market shares very quickly.

Can't wait for the results

P.S. We get it, you are disappointed by Petra's recent results.
In fairness Petronius: I think what he may be saying, is stemming from the latest article, which doesn't paint the best picture of Petra, Kotyza and the new Fitness guy.

Plus, many different posters have recently said, 'Petra should change her manager, her coach, leave the Czech Republic, ditch her fitness coach, train in a warm weather climate', etc.. So they're disappointed, both with Petra's results as well as her teams.

It's not just been 1, 2 or even 3 people, or me . It's been many; some we don't even see post here often (both here in the subforum and even on GM).

I don't want to take it any further than that. But I just wanted to point out, it's not only about Petra's losses or results. It's everything thing surrounding her (both what she and her team says and does, and what we don't see or hear from them as well).

Let's say, Petra played poorly in Paris, then got better and hot and won the tournament. After, Petra gained enough confidence to win the French or Wimbledon and have a good year. It wouldn't be anything her team did. It would just be Petra playing up to her level, based off of confidence. However, what Petra and her team have failed at so far is: They have not had her physically, mentally, strategic, tennis wise and goal setting wise, prepared for the daily, month to month grind and challenge of the tour, as well as living up to her ranking. And that's a fact, regardless of any past.

And if Petra's the REAL ISSUE (I can see you saying that); then THEY should come out and say it; import qualified help, and/or leave (like most top coaches do)!? But they won't! Cause neither Koytza or Cernosek, act like there's anything terribly wrong with Petra at the moment. And Kotyza himself, recently declared that he shouldn't be let go, and should be able hang around for a while. SMH/LOL. You can't make this stuff up.

My polite two cents and observation.

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