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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
If I catch your drift,Petronius,you're claiming that Cermosek is some tennis genius who 'created' Hingis.Forgive my candor,but that's feeble-minded B.S..The fact that he funded the facilities where Hingis played doesn't make him her creator OR a great leader.Using YOUR logic,we should bow down and praise the Communist tyrants who inspired Lech Walesa to fight for democracy...or maybe the prison warden where Malcolm X was incarcerated for motivating him to fight against the abuses of his people...or perhaps we should even praise a sick,twisted pedophile father whose sexual abuse led his child to campaign on behalf of such victims...pretty sad logic,really

The evidence of what an amateurish operation Cermosek runs is SOOOO obvious that it's practically in your face.If it were a rat,it would have bitten you in the nose and left you scrambling for a tetanus shot.Almost every aspect of Petra's team has the rest of the world saying 'WTF'!!We NON-Czechs get the idea that Cermosek has funded Czech tennis programs and gotten you feeling all defensively patriotic....As a Mexican,I can respect strong patriotism...but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna get on my knees and shine the helmet of every famous,powerful person from my YOU'RE doing with the 'CCC' director.

Maybe,if you could show us just 1 or 2 intelligent moves--SPECIFIC,STRATEGIC things that involve more than throwing money around-- that Petra's genius manager has done,then some of us non-Czechs might become 'believers' like you.Until then,you'll have to forgive our skepticism
My only advice to you, bruce: get some investors, build a tennis academy, hire a few coaches and try to attract local talents and compete on the global market.

If the academy where Hingis and Kvitova developed their tennis skills and which produced the reigning Fed Cup and Davis Cup champions is so amateurish, there's no doubt that many other tennis academies are in an even more pathetic condition and you will have no problem to steal their market shares very quickly.

Can't wait for the results

P.S. We get it, you are disappointed by Petra's recent results.

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