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Re: Laura Robson: The Silver Medal Years 2012-

Originally Posted by Kotre View Post
Sort of unrelated to tennis, but it's the same in cheer leading. A lot of power comes from the legs. If Laura's trying to generate as much power as she does with her upper body alone, it's no wonder she's injured herself twice after long matches in quick succession (the first was in Guangzhou where she spent the final and the rest of the Asian swing with a strapped shoulder). Also, is she did properly use her legs, she'd probably get some more power out of the serve. Win, win.

Also, she needs to do anything and everything to improve her second serve. Just terrible.
There's a lot of tweaking issues that need to be ironed out. As far as i see it. An 18 year old Sloane finished the year at 97.

A 19 year old Sloane finished the year in the Top 40 so Laura has a chance this year too. She needs to be a lot more consistent in the MM tournaments. That's how she'll gain more experience. If she gets a lot of SF placings in those tournaments it'll help her massively.

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