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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
Fresh interview with HuggyBear:

Sorry, don't have time, but maybe Lufa, paulmara or Shifty will translate his insightful (or 'insightful'? ) comments
Google translate is our friend , did only some necessary corrections

We have to dig out of the mud, says Kvitova coach Kotyza
18th January 2013 12:00
Melbourne (from our correspondent)

- Again. Finish her! Coach David Kotyza shout to tennis player Petra Kvitova in her battle with Robson at the Australian Open. But he saw how troubled she is. "It was clear that she is very unhappy," he said.
When Kvitova flew into the third set to 3:0, the coach believed that everything goes well. "At that moment she looked like renewed. He thought she will destroy Laura, said. "But she hesitated at 3:1, did three DF . Serve had completely gone. From 4-4 she already seemed to be bothering with herself."

What sank her? Worse fitness or poor self-esteem?
Laura looked fresher. But it was more mental freshness. Laura trusted herself, trying to overtake Petra in pressure. She went for the win. Deservedly dragged it to the end.

What was your first thought when Petra suppressed tears on court?
It was visible that she is unhappy. When opponent sees that, gives her confidence. Petya dealt with hers bad tosses, referees statement. Lots of things disturbed her. You could see that her head is not ideally set.

Does affect her disenchantment of the defeats, and the fact that the new method of fitness training does not work?
She went into the match with determination. But when she dumped the service she began to be desperate. This is a picture of how she looks. Experiencing a difficult period and today it did not help.

What will you do next?
We need to look at the program. Petya has played a few matches. We will try to request a free card on the indoor tournament in Paris, which is played around one week before the Fed Cup. We consult with Kristian Bajza (fitness coach) and Michal Safar (psychologist), how to make her again enjoying the game. We need to figure out how to dig out of the mud.

How deep are you in?
Enough. After this match keeps me alive just straw. (Smile)

You take it that your position is in danger?
Every coach goes through some bad times. But this is not yet so long that we have to address staffing issues. Maybe talk about it with Petra, but I think it is soon. Not that I want to cheer myself ...

Do you believe that changes in training show early ?
I believe. I do not know when it will come, but I believe. It is a fact that we have started something, and it would be unwise to make big waves when Petra is down.
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