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Re: Tennis Tipping #3 | Australian Open | Friday differences are out! Good luck! :)

60 seconds with...Kylger (currently on his way home to Athens after losing yesterday in both competitions )

1) What is your real name and where do you come from?
My real name is Gert as most long time players would know and I'm from Estonia as my flag indicates. Currently residing in Athens, Greece however.

2) What was your highlight of the 2012 TT season?
Highlight would definitely be winning Wimbledon with my great partner Kevin. We started the year late together, due to my long time partner Blackeagle retiring very suddenly (because he decided to get a personal life). Was a rough start but we got our act together and achieved some great results and getting both of us to our new career high rankings.

3) What are your TT goals for 2013?

Haven't really thought about my goals for this season. Would be great to win another Singles tournament as I haven't been really successful at that and another Grand Slam title in Doubles would be amazing for me already.

4) one word to describe....
yourself - emotional (in good and bad)
your doubles partner - reliable

the Australian Open TT managers

Michael - b*tch
tennismaster8820 - creative

5) your favorite food? - too many to name, but anything made by Italians

6) your favorite drink? - vodka and anything else you make cocktails with

7) last book u read? - J.R.R Tolkien - The Hobbit

8) last movie u watched? - The Hobbit

9) best thing about your hometown/country? - I'm from the capital of Estonia which is Tallinn. It has a lot of charm due to it's old town. It's also very easy to get around and see the city, which makes it cozy and nice.

10) If you were stuck on a lonely island and one ATP, one WTA and one TT player would be there with u...
Who would it be?
ATP - Novak Djokovic - to entertain me and who to use for wild sex in the jungle
WTA - Caroline Wozniacki - there's always room for another clown, so 2 is better than one.
TF - My b*tch Michael! with whom to have lengthy discussions of who to hate on next.

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