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Important Announcement Re: Results Threads--Please Read or suffer the consquences

Starting now, the mods will be enforcing a zero-tolerance policy in ALL results threads.

The policy is as follows:

1. Any post bringing up any player other than one of the two involved in the match under discussion in such a way as to provoke a reaction from other posters will be regarded as SPAM.

2. Given the trend in recent months, all such SPAM offenses will be regarded as SECOND OFFENSES.

3. A second offense for spam, per Tennis Forum rules, is an automatic infraction, accompanied by an automatic one-day suspension.

4. Depending on your posting history, the Admins may decide to impose additional penalties.

5. Anyone who RESPONDS to a BAIT post rather than reporting it will ALSO BE REGARDED AS SPAMMING THE THREAD. It will also be regarded as a second offense, and the poster will receive an infraction, a one-day suspension, and be referred to the Admins for possible further action.

6. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. If you missed this post, too bad. We are simply enforcing rules of which you should already be aware.

7. Our decisions are final. If we rule your post is spam, it is spam.

8. Watchdogfish, Nevetssllim and I are all in complete agreement on this policy moving forward. Whinging to one of us about a decision by another of us will get you nowhere.

9. This policy is ongoing. It does not end with the Australian Open.

Thank you.

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