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Re: Tennis Tipping #3 | Australian Open | Friday OOP is out! Deadline: 11am

60 seconds with...Rui. (shocking coming out from Rui who plays his 4th round match in singles tomorrow vs. M.P )

1) What is your real name and where do you come from?
Rui,Portugal (Creative,right?)
2) What was your highlight of the 2012 TT season?
Not sending for most of the tournaments I committed to.
3) What are your TT goals for 2013?
Remembering to send for some more tournaments.
4) one word to describe....
yourself - SarcasticMaybe?Doesitcountasoneword?
your doubles partner - Sufficient
the Australian Open TT managers - Repetitive
5) your favourite food?
6) your favourite drink? Lemon Iced-Tea
7) last book u read? A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
8) last movie u watched? - Shrek part 546 (or 568 I'm not sure)
9) best thing about your hometown/country? The Food.
10) If you were stuck on a lonely island and one ATP, one WTA and one TT player would be there with u...
Who would it be? (give us a short explanation)

Dimitrov --> I have needs
Serena Williams --> Maybe she can scrub some GOATness in me.
Elwin or LCS --> My best mates in the forum.

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