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Re: India gang rape outrage, and the "big picture"

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
No offence, I hope you won't mind. I know we are friends for a very long time but I don't agree with you about this. The most important thing is to erase the evil concept of those men who think raping women is nothing wrong (I am referring to ALL those men who committed the rape crime, not only for those in India). I don't know what is the best way to achieve this (may be imposing a more severe punishment first?) but this is the primary thing to do along with providing more protection to women such as sending more polices to patrol on the deserted roads at night etc.
like all of you, i will be in the first line of people who wish for that(bolded part) to happen......all i am saying is that i just don't see it happening with the world getting badder each day......we can make all laws we want but once again we will only be opening up opportunities for criminals by sending women out alone in the dark......

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
A woman when accompanied by a man is safer in public is not always true, just see the case of this poor 23 years old girl, she got a male companion but still got raped right?
read my post above.....

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
It is not very possible that a woman can get male companionship all the time even though she got a boy friend or hubby, they also have a job to do and cannot stay with her all the time right? A woman can only get a male companion to protect her 24/7 unless she is rich enough to hire a body guard.
it's not 24/7, i only stressed "during the night"......IN GENERAL, many women go out alone freely during day time and return home safely without any issues......

i don't understand why a woman needs to go out alone in the night unless in exceptional circumstances......
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