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Re: Rape, but not just in India (thread title TBD)

though the discussion about rape of that Indian girl has been derailed to politics and other stuff, it should not be closed as the trial is still on and we need to find out if justice can be served for the poor soul

we need to learn from the mistake we made and improve and should not try to hide it. There are for sure more important things to do in life than keeping faces. Just like some Japanese officials now, are still trying to deny the invasion and brutal killing of so many poor Chinese people during the World War II and even amended the history text book to erase the occurence of this war and re-wrote it to a "peaceful co-operation (excuse me for my bad English), this is absolutely an act of cowardice to the upmost. Why didn't they spend more time to make their economy better instead of doing such a coward thing, ignorance of how they hurt the feelings of Chinese people? (sorry, I am derailing the thread too).

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