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Re: Tennis Tipping #3 | Australian Open | Thursday differences are out! Good luck! :)

60 seconds with...petey_pan (local hero, in action right now)

1) What is your real name and where do you come from?
2) What was your highlight of the 2012 TT season?
3) What are your TT goals for 2013?
4) one word to describe....
your doubles partner
the Australian Open TT managers
5) your favourite food?
6) your favourite drink?
7) last book u read?
8) last movie u watched?
9) best thing about your hometown/country?
10) If you were stuck on a lonely island and one ATP, one WTA and one TT player would be there with u...
Who would it be? (give us a short explanation)

1) My name is Pete and I'm from Queensland Australia.
2) For sure winning Cincinnati as a LL. I remember there was a controversy over my final Q match & some people were saying I should have won, luckily I got a LL spot & ended up winning the whole thing. I also beat some really good players.
3) To do better in the slams. I Haven't progressed past the third round yet - I struggle with large OOP's I think.
4) *Perfectionist.
*Don't have one yet! I'm available! (teamed up with Chris93 later)
5) Steak & avocado.
6) Mango Daiquiri
7) Kris Jenner's
8) Pitch Perfect
9) Amazing weather & beaches.
10) wow... Benoit Paire for eye candy. Sam Stosur because she's super strong & could build a shelter & .... Buitenzorg because us Aussies are supposed to be good in survival situations!

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