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Originally Posted by Asadinator View Post
I don't dislike Stosur because of her mentality as much as I dislike her because of her game.

Her technique is awful, she has an extreme topspin production which is only useful if she plays back like Nadal does. And when she does land her forehands in, it has very low forward momentum. Her backhands suck because she doesn't move her feet or body at all, no control over the stroke.

Her slices sit up on the court rather than skid low like they should. Although to her credit it was her best stroke in this match.

And her first serve is exactly the same as her second. 1st serve you should aim for aces, not kick serves.
I totally agree here. Though I think the mentality is an issue but I think her technique is the major problem.

Every player gets nervous, even the greats of Navratilova & Court were prone to huge nervous. But there is so little margin for error in her game that even a little bit of self doubt will cause her issues.

And the serve One, she can't nail a big serve on a big point and two - I believe she tinkered with the toss a big and lowered it a fraction. Thus, the huge amount that get slapped into the net. I think her % was OK yesterday, but not when it counted.

As for Taylor, they have apparently done so much work on situations like yesterday but nothing has changed. Many coaches would love to give Sam a hand. And its not like she has to get rid of Taylor, but she needs some specialised assistance to help with her technique.

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