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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

One possibility that I haven't heard mentioned at all(except by me) is that Piotr and Caro weren't 'caving in to pressure' AT ALL.I think it's FAR more likely that they didn't give a rat's ass what Cronin or other naysayers thought;rather,they were concerned solely with getting Caro over that figurative hump in winning Slams...and they simply deduced that she would inevitably keep hitting that wall at Slams where she ran into a skilled player who was NOT making many errors and that,w/o finding ways to get easy points or finish off critical GPs and BPs,she would invariably lose barring a draw with ideal opponents.

Obviously,they figured that being aggressive and serving better were essential to closing out the sort of matches that Caro had lost but,unfortunately,they did an awful job of implementing changes and are now headed back to the starting point......where they can,hopefully,learn to add in changes gradually and naturally,as past champions have done

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