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Re: Tennis Tipping #3 | Australian Open | Thursday OOP is out! Deadline: 11am!

60 seconds with...James (+2 lead in doubles 2nd round after today)

1) What is your real name and where do you come from?

Eddy. I am from the Netherlands.

2) What was your highlight of the 2012 TT season?

Bronze medal at the Olympics/final in Estoril.

3) What are your TT goals for 2013?

Winning an event.

4) one word to describe....


your doubles partner


the Australian Open TT managers


5) your favourite food?


6) your favourite drink?


7) last book u read?

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

8) last movie u watched?

Can't remember. I seldom watch movies.

9) best thing about your hometown/country?

I live in a small village in the countryside, my apartment has a lovely view on the hills beyond.

My country is usually pretty liberal and open-minded.

10) If you were stuck on a lonely island and one ATP, one WTA and one TT player would be there with u...
Who would it be? (give us a short explanation)

ATP: Tsonga (he seems like a nice and down to earth kind of guy)
WTA: Zakopalova (sweet Czech girl)
TT: My doubles partner (he is great to hang out with)

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