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Re: India gang rape outrage, and the "big picture"

Originally Posted by bulava View Post
Oh Start the game. Sure, every one has freedom of expression.
What present did you talk like? What's happening in India across its vast borders from Bangla, Nepal or Pak? Say, did you know the extent of damage to the economy from counterfeit notes? Or infiltration? Or how would explain the killings of Soldiers? Or Sarpanches? What about 500,000 displaced Kasmiris who are living almost like beggers in Delhi and other parts? What about the recent Assam riots? Try to see the larger picture. This is nothing to do with intolerance. All these are happening to due to a weak country lead by a failing political system, mainly from its vote bank politics.
I said that Indians are in general very mindful of what others think of them, which you also concur to in this thread. eg. How the western media potrays India. What 'looking at big picture' stuff are you spouting? Or are you alluding to another post?
I know the failure of our political class. But blaming only one community for your woes is never the solution & telling them that they should have gone across the border during partition is disgusting & highly insulting to any Indian citizen. That is my world view.
I have agreed with you about vote bank politics.

Originally Posted by bulava View Post
I'm 100% serious. It's about people, not yours or mine. You know how much money Indians pay as taxes? That's why I asked are you a student or an employee.

Is this concession exist? What that suppose to mean? So you too have no idea what's happening in India - many states are suffering from vote bank politics. There can't be any quotas based of religion and caste, especially a quota for jobs. Imagine Govt. asking to me recruit 4% Muslims in my companies? That means I've to forcibly absorb about 50 folks. More religions demand quota sooner or later. Hence I refuse to be a part of this present system and state. Period.
I never stated that there should be religious quotas. Where have I said that? I posted the point of view of the other side to counter a post I thought was blatantly intolerant. Not vice versa.
Yet you seemed to agree with a part of the post I felt was intolerant.
Originally Posted by bulava View Post
Kailash Mansarovar is the holiest. Amarnath Yatra is one of them. Kumbh Mela is NOT the holiest pilgrim; only a river pilgrimage on mass numbers. Perhaps you are unaware that all perennial rivers in India has this tradition (once in 12 years). This picture shows river Godavari Pushkaram (2003):

You know what? A few years ago, me and my sister got ZERO concession when we visited Amarnath and Vaishno Devi shrines. On the contrary, many people are being dead or killed every year at Amarnath (ave. 100). What are they spending on? You want me to publish those photos? For the record, we paid for our own accommodation. I'm not complaining and certainly we don't need any discount because we could afford it.
You said it yourself.
Don't blame the Goverment for everything. I'm sure they do their part for the pilgrims.
En route to the cave, various non-profit organizations set up food supply and resting tents called pandals which are available for free to the pilgrims. Near the shrine, hundreds of tents which are erected by locals can be hired for a night's stay. Helicopter services from base camp to Panjtarni (6 km from the cave) are also available from various private operators.[13]
[edit] Security

Every year, thousands of central police and state police personnel are deployed to provide security to pilgrims from potential terror threats. The forces position at various halts and also in the perimeter of the shrine.[14]
[edit] Deaths

Of the 622,000 yatra pilgrims in 2012, one hundred thirty died during the yatra. The major cause is that persons who are not physically fit for the arduous climb, high elevations and adverse weather also undertake the yatra. Some also die in road accidents before reaching the base camp from where the yatra starts. A total of 130 pilgrims died; 88 due to purported health reasons and 42 in road accidents in 2012 pilgrimage that ended on Shravana Purnima (Raksha Bandan) day on 2 August 2012.[15]
[edit] Organisers

Officially, the Yatra is organised by the State Government in collaboration with the Shree Amarnath Yatra trust. The Government agencies provide necessary facilities all along the route during the Yatra period, which includes provision of ponies, supply of power, telecommunication facilities, firewood and setting up of fair price shops
Originally Posted by bulava View Post
You know for a fact? Such a blatant lie. Strangely you see bias but I see a clear deviation from the mentioned issues, this contemplates to double standards. It's quite evident you are either unaware of many things or just ignoring them.
Yes I do. Link me to where it says that the Govt in all states has a subsidy for Indian christians to visit the Holy Land? Select state govts(TN) give subsidy to garner votes. Every religious community gets their share of subsidy.
Deviate from the topic? I countered a post for religious intolerance, but you mentioned me a couple of times in your posts. If you allude to my posts, expect a reply.

Originally Posted by bulava View Post
If he/she has religious bias then you are no different than him/her. And yet, you talk about saving face...hmmm

I'm ending this deliberation so that members return to thread's topic.
You tacitly support his views by saying 'I'm not defending him or anything'
You have let him/her save face for his views. I called him/her out on it. As simple as it gets.
Thank you very much.

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