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Re: Ohio Rape: High School Students Joke About Rape In Leaked Video !

Originally Posted by Ashi View Post
Start the game. I don't subscribe to reintegration either. I don't imagine anything. I talk about the present. The past is to learn from yet people seem to still have such religious intolerance. So colour me peeved. Hence, I chose to respond. But I gave him/her the due freedoom to express his/her views.
Oh Start the game. Sure, every one has freedom of expression.

What present did you talk like? What's happening in India across its vast borders from Bangla, Nepal or Pak? Say, did you know the extent of damage to the economy from counterfeit notes? Or infiltration? Or how would explain the killings of Soldiers? Or Sarpanches? What about 500,000 displaced Kasmiris who are living almost like beggers in Delhi and other parts? What about the recent Assam riots? Try to see the larger picture. This is nothing to do with intolerance. All these are happening to due to a weak country lead by a failing political system, mainly from its vote bank politics.

Originally Posted by Ashi View Post
Are you serious? Your(and mine) tax money is getting siphoned off at every point and going into the hands of a very few(middlemen and politicians) yet you have an issue with the government funding/making a concession/subsidy on a Haj/ Holy Land pilgrimage(if this concession does exist)?
I'm 100% serious. It's about people, not yours or mine. You know how much money Indians pay as taxes? That's why I asked are you a student or an employee.

Is this concession exist? What that suppose to mean? So you too have no idea what's happening in India - many states are suffering from vote bank politics. There can't be any quotas based of religion and caste, especially a quota for jobs. Imagine Govt. asking to me recruit 4% Muslims in my companies? That means I've to forcibly absorb about 50 folks. More religions demand quota sooner or later. Hence I refuse to be a part of this present system and state. Period.

Originally Posted by Ashi View Post
Isn't the government using your money to make arrangements for Hindu Pilgrims for the Kumbh Mela(the greatest accumulation of humanity on the planet)/ Amarnath Yatra and various other pilgrimages to other holy sites?
Kailash Mansarovar is the holiest. Amarnath Yatra is one of them. Kumbh Mela is NOT the holiest pilgrim; only a river pilgrimage on mass numbers. Perhaps you are unaware that all perennial rivers in India has this tradition (once in 12 years). This picture shows river Godavari Pushkaram (2003):

You know what? A few years ago, me and my sister got ZERO concession when we visited Amarnath and Vaishno Devi shrines. On the contrary, many people are being dead or killed every year at Amarnath (ave. 100). What are they spending on? You want me to publish those photos? For the record, we paid for our own accommodation. I'm not complaining and certainly we don't need any discount because we could afford it.

The question is about millions who can't afford paying for paltry sum of Rs. 3,000/- on return-trip family rail fares, not AIR!

Originally Posted by Ashi View Post
I know for a fact that there is no such concession/subsidy for a Holy Land Pilgrimage.
I see bias here my friend on your part.
You know for a fact? Such a blatant lie. Strangely you see bias but I see a clear deviation from the mentioned issues, this contemplates to double standards. It's quite evident you are either unaware of many things or just ignoring them.

Originally Posted by Ashi View Post
You don't subscribe to his ideology, yet you called me religiously biased. Blinkered view IMO. Why pray tell?
I'm don't think there is any need to be pressed either.
Saving face....letting another save on...ho..hum.
If he/she has religious bias then you are no different than him/her. And yet, you talk about saving face...hmmm

I'm ending this deliberation so that members return to thread's topic.

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