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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
If what she said in NYTimes is true, and no reason not to believe it, she was tanking matches for over a year, playing around with aggressive shots.
Thats the way it looked to me. She would get to 4-4 , then hit forehands in the doubles alley for no reason.
If she is trying her best now, she still has to show she has it mentally, because losses to Pervak & Sveta look like more mental tanking.
This is a hardcourt major. If she ever wins a major, it will be here or NY.
But she has to show the mental toughness it takes to win a major.
Do the mental work it takes, every round
Or almost get to 4-4 but then miss easy over-head shots (Vs Aga) ..

'Tanking' is not the right word, imho. But also from what Piotr has said, it was a year of experimenting.

I suppose the idea was, if Caro started hitting wilder, she would initially hit more winners (Captain Obvious at your service!) and more UE (Captain Obvious stikes again!). BUT .. the working assumption was then, as she grew more 'comfortable' with the new playing style, the number of UEs would decrease to an acceptable level for her new style, acceptable level for the number of W.

The experiment just hasn't worked out .. Now 18 month later, to hit 30 Winners, Caro will still make 60 UEs. And that's not viable.

If they are indeed seriously going back to basics now and develop from there, I personally think, it's the right choice. It was a nightmare of proportions to watch her make 50 UEs pr match.

As much as I get frustrated with her for not taking the chance, when I from my armchair see it being there, I'd rather have she stays competitive and in a match with a UE count of 8 (and similar level W), than be run over and lose with an 'exciting game' and W/UE ration of minus 30.

I can live with expert opinions and GM taunts of being defensive and a /!#& pusher and boring and blah blah, as long Caro is winning


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