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Re: Ohio Rape: High School Students Joke About Rape In Leaked Video !

Originally Posted by bulava View Post
What is SDG? I concur partition was a very painful experience. IMO they've gone for their own good and our good too. Try to imagine an undivided nation once; entire world's focus would be on us!
Start the game. I don't subscribe to reintegration either. I don't imagine anything. I talk about the present. The past is to learn from yet people seem to still have such religious intolerance. So colour me peeved. Hence, I chose to respond. But I gave him/her the due freedoom to express his/her views.

Originally Posted by bulava View Post
There is an element of truth in his argument. This got nothing do to with right wing bias or intolerance. I'll tell you why. Are you a student or an employee? In my case, I pay crores of Taxes/year on many parameters (both Individual/Corporate). By question is, why should they get paid at Taxpayers expense when people go to Haj or to Israel but majority gets nothing? Not even a railway fare concession worth of Rs. 500? Try to find out how much money people are paying on them. That's just one case. I could go on writing many more.
Are you serious? Your(and mine) tax money is getting siphoned off at every point and going into the hands of a very few(middlemen and politicians) yet you have an issue with the government funding/making a concession/subsidy on a Haj/ Holy Land pilgrimage(if this concession does exist)? Isn't the government using your money to make arrangements for Hindu Pilgrims for the Kumbh Mela(the greatest accumulation of humanity on the planet)/ Amarnath Yatra and various other pilgrimages to other holy sites?
I know for a fact that there is no such concession/subsidy for a Holy Land Pilgrimage.
I see bias here my friend on your part.
Originally Posted by bulava View Post
Simple. I don't subscribe to such ideologies so no point in engaging in such a deliberation, and to save this thread going tangential. IMO religion/caste perspective is out of the scope.

Save the face here? No. I'm not at all pressed, in fact right now I can leave this place. No compulsion, nothing. Don't get that idea.
You don't subscribe to his ideology, yet you called me religiously biased. Blinkered view IMO. Why pray tell?
I'm don't think there is any need to be pressed either.
Saving face....letting another save on...ho..hum.

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