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Re: SHOCKING: Cyclist Saga Soon Coming To an End - Lance Amstrong To Admit To DOPING

Originally Posted by Halardfan View Post
Great article which should be read in particular by all those in a forgiving mood towards Armstrong.
There aren't too many people in forgiving mode in the USA.
If anything, I thind there is little anger and embarrassment in the sport press.

Early, Armstrong like a good politician, played the patriotic card, and some people in the press bought it.
The decpetion sold to some gullible member of the press, was, France and French people were very protective of Tour De France, and thye did not want a cocky American to win it. It follows their investigation of him was largely driven by motivation to a discredit him as a legitimate Tour De France winner.
Given the general contempt Americans have of the French, Amstrong did not have to try hard to find some backers in the press.
But that seems like a long time ago.
You'll be hard pressed to find any one coming to his defense.
You can even make the case, people (in the general public) who did not know him as a cyclist discovered him the midst of the mutlitudes of doping allegations that have filled the press from people very close to him, teamates, care takers, etc...
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