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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
Maybe Shifty.

However, I feel this is all result (if you actually believe Petra, remember she has many excuses) of Petra playing Fed Cup.

Since Petra was sick, she should have taken those full 2-3 weeks after Istanbul to heal and feel better. So that way, she wouldn't have to recover after Fed Cup. I think this set her back, possibly 1-3 wks (coming back early to practice/play Fed Cup, the week she played, and the extra week to recuperate, after she played).

Remember, Petra wasn't even healthy when she was practicing for Fed Cup.

And if Petra knew she was getting a new fitness person, she could have used that extra 1-3 weeks for 2013 preparation. As it is, it appears that Petra didn't have enough time, for her usual end of season training (fitness and tennis), and I think that's one of the reasons why she's suffering now; or did the past few weeks. You can even say the same for Extraliga (another week).

When you only have a little more than a month before the new season, an extra 1-3 weeks preparation really makes a difference.
funny, how you didn't mention extraliga cause she returned early from her vacation to start training

Also, Petra said that because she was healthy, she had productive training with enough reps before start of season, our girl is lazy


Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
I had wrote you earlier. You can check that.

Are you saying, that her new "fitness instructor" changed Petra's swing (yikes)?

Or are you saying, that she's changed her motion, cause her body is (hopefully temporarily) hurting?

As I said earlier, if this is true, the reason why it's happening: Because Petra and her team didn't give her enough time rest and prepare for the new season (Playing Fed Cup and Extraliga). I understand, what you're saying, but this shouldn't be happening, if they knew what they were doing.

It almost seemed like the new upcoming season (and fitness coach), was an after thought.

You ever heard Petra complain the last two year, about her swing, due to her work outs?
dunno, she's vague about it.
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