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Re: Tennis Tipping #3 | Australian Open |Tuesday OOP is out! 11am deadline!

60 seconds with...Chris84 ( World No.1 in doubles, will be in action later in both competitions)

1) What is your real name and where do you come from?
Chris, Glasgow, Scotland
2) What was your highlight of the 2012 TT season?
Regaining the doubles no1 rankings
3) What are your TT goals for 2013?
Become number 1 in singles and keep the doubles no1s. A slam or two would be nice as well.
4) one word to describe....
yourself - awesome
your doubles partner - lazy
the Australian Open TT managers - dedicated
5) your favourite food?
Chinese sweet and sour chicken with fried rice
6) your favourite drink?
7) last book u read?
Nemesis by Jo Nesbo
8) last movie u watched?
in the cinema? Batman - Dark Knight Rises
9) best thing about your hometown/country?
Deep-fried Mars Bars?
10) If you were stuck on a lonely island and one ATP, one WTA and one TT player would be there with u...
Who would it be? (give us a short explanation)
Federer - cos he's important enough that everyone would go looking for him so we'd be found quickly enough.
Cirstea - just cos
Jeronimo - i dunno if he still plays tt, but he could come cos there'd be no witnesses on a desert island

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