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Re: $25,000 Port St. Lucie, FL (USA) 2013 | Jan 14 (Quali Draw)

Originally Posted by Kevin. View Post
Could you elaborate on each of the matches you saw? I'm interested in alot of those players.

Safdar is from Mason,OH and plays for Suracuse. She got a QWC in Cincy and lost 6-1 6-1 to Larsson and was overpowered completely. She had beautiful volleys when she came to net though.

I saw King play her first tournament after she had her second child. Hope she can qualify
Unfortunately I only got to watch Safdar's match across another court. If you take a look at the overhead view of the tournament site on the first page of the thread, you can see the problem with the layout--only two of the courts have seated access for viewing, and all of the other courts are in a row beyond those and behind fences so the only way to see anything on those courts is to view them across the action on the courts in front of you. Long story short, I couldn't really tell if Safdar was just missing or not, but her game, as you say, was beautiful to watch. She is a very stylish player, not afraid to come to net, mixes it up with a variety of spins and slices, yet still can hit decent power, it looked to me. It was really fun watching her--someone remarked that she looked like a female version of Marcelo Rios, and it's true. As for her being overpowered, I can't really speak to that, from the perspective I had, but she is only 16, so I imagine she can get physically stronger.

Alexis looked okay. I wouldn't say "great", because it was a bit breezy in the morning and both players were struggling some with the wind, I think, but after a back and forth opening set I think she settled down in the second set and played some better in the second set. I didn't see the finish because I was over watching Muhammad at that point.

Eguchi-Brady was closer than the score might have indicated, I think. Eguchi was the #1 seed in qualifying, so we were curious to see her, and she started fairly well, simply solid in the first set in the wind, making fewer mistakes, but by the second set you could see her starting to physically tire, and after getting up a break and then blowing it, her body language seemed to change, too. She held it together, barely, but was obviously winded and glad to get done in two. I have a feeling if that had gone three she would have been toast. A modestly hard hitting match with some decent rallies.

Eikeri v Thaler was a complete blowout. Thaler's parents, and dog, were sitting on the stands next to me, and they left early in the second set. Even the dog was too ashamed to stick around for the finish of his sister's match, I guess. Eikeri just had too much variety, and too mature a game at this point in their careers.

Thorpe-Kenin was a similar match--though at one point Thorpe had to call the trainer for medical assistance with the wrap on her thigh. The injury didn't seem to bother her any, and the medical t/o did turn whatever momentum Kenin had in the first set, as after that, Thorpe closed out the set, then cruised out to a 5-1 lead in the second before finishing it off after Kenin got one of the breaks back late.

Didn't see a whole lot of Frilling and Robinson--just enough to snap some photos and video and check the score througout the match, but I can tell you it was brutally long--one of the longest matches of the day. Not sure how long time-wise, but all or part of 3 other matches were played on the exhibition court while that one was going on.

I walked around the grounds and caught a few moments of other matches peeking through fences, but couldn't see enough of anything to tell much. Only that horrible grunt of Jaksic's, sounding like a cat in heat...


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