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Final word from me on yesterday:
Though I'm proud of my team for pulling out a win under tough conditions,Denver's safety,Moore,really DID blow the game,as he candidly admitted afterwards,to his credit.If Moore had either covered the WR instead of watching the ball...or better calculated the pass' trajectory(as he SHOULD have,as a DB),then we would've likely done no better than an incomplete pass and would've lost the game.I read a moron columnist who blamed Manning's 3 TOs for the loss,but only the last of those was his fault(the first Int. was an unlucky,tipped ball that went thru the WRs hands).Yeah,Peyton made an awful mistake on that last toss but the game should've been won well before that point.

Jon Fox will forever be a 'B' or 'B minus' coach until he learns how to prep his team for a big game(let's distinguish between 'B' coaches and 'B plus' or 'A minus' coaches like Jeff Fisher or Bill Cowher who lack the strategic brilliance of other coaches yet nearly always extract a motivated effort out of their guys).I remember how the Cardinals went into Carolina 4 years ago in the NFC semifinals and just humiliated a favored Panthers team.One could argue all the blah,blah,blah about how that Cards' team was hot and on a roll,a Team of Destiny...except Arizona really wasn't a better team,overall(they mostly exploited a few matchups to their advantage in that game),and they pretty much bitch-slapped Carolina all over their home field.Delhomme's interceptions played a huge part,of course,but it was more than that....Carolina just wasn't ready to play...and,other than Trindon Holliday and Manning,most of the Broncos looked out of sync and UNready to play, if their week off had been a MONTH off.Further,it was a total chickenshit move that...with 31 seconds remaining...2 Timeouts...Manning at QB...and needing only a FG to win in regulation....Fox chose a kneeldown.That's a scared coach who's playing NOT TO LOSE instead of playing to win,and the players can feed,to their detriment,off such strong negative emotion.The weak,overly-conservative playcalling in the entire 2nd half was only a precursor to that cowardly decision.....okay,I'm out of here,folks

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