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Re: India gang rape outrage, and the "big picture"

Originally Posted by Sam L View Post
All good points but sex-selection abortion is not caused by cultural factors. Unless if you think China and India have the same culture.

It is all economic: "One initiative in the state of Tamil Nadu was taken to attack the underlying economic problems." Dowries are not unique to Indian culture and neither is it the only patriarchal society in the world.

And you can see how the southern states are faring better in this:
We are talking about a thousands-year-old culture. Don't try and paint it with the same brush as what you're painting modern problems with.

In general Indians are very protective of their daughters. They will try to secure their life after marriage with a good dowry. Parents begin saving up when a daughter is just born.
I also think that it has to do with an age old law where daughters were not entitled to their father's property/wealth at the time of demise. Hence, when she was given away in marraige she was given away with a dowry and hence the term 'Paraya Dhan'. Ofcourse, now all children are entitled in equal measure.
You cannot account for human greed. It also has a connection with social standing, the more dowry you can give your daughter, the higher your social standing is.

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