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Re: What's The Difference Between Taylor Swift And A Hooker?

This woman . Honestly, I've improved a lot in the area of ignoring celebs I dislike. I've stopped reading magazines at work even, but it's impossible to ignore Taylor because she's everywhere.

Her 'music' is on constant rotation at my work (at least 5 or so songs of hers) and headphones are not allowed unless you're on a break (which means 5/6 hours I'm working I'm in danger of hearing her beyond-annoying voice (which BTW hasn't matured one bit since she debuted as a 16 year old) singing the same old endless rewrites of "I hate my ex-boyfriend" songs.

I can pretty much ignore Rihanna and One Direction because (in New Zealand at least) they don't have that much radio play except the new music station, and Rihanna's songs perhaps are considered mostly too sexual to play at my work. But I don't have this luxury with Taylor. I try as much as possible but she's everywhere. I can't escape .

My only hope is that soon the public will backlash .
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