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Re: Anxiety

Originally Posted by Joshualdo View Post
Hey guys,

Thanks to everyone who replied. I can't reply to you all because it would take me hours, but I have read everything you guys wrote and it all makes sense.

I think some of you probably have more severe anxiety then me but it is good to hear how you guys got by. I actually have 4 dogs and excercise with them every day. I also have a garden and in summer I swim too. That always keeps me busy. I see alot of you say that you have played a sport competitively. I played basketball for two years on and off, and rugby league for a season when I was younger. BUT, my point is, I would love to play basketball or tennis more often competitively but I feel the need to avoid situations like that 'uneccessary' due to knowing how I will feel beforehand etc. How does everyone deal with that?

I quit my job a couple months ago. I never felt comfortable with it. I was anxious every day before it, and had huge amounts of trouble sleeping etc. Currently I am a going to Uni two days a week (full time student just have my classes on those two days). I have been taking Lexapro for about 10 days now. I had to take 10 mg for the first week, then the full dosage of 20 mg after that. I haven't noticed any side affects currently so far. Just being alot more tired, and actually more nervous then usual for a few things. However one thing I am unsure of is, that if I don't really need the medication for five days (although I still take it) how will it know when to kick in, when I do need it? (if that makes sense)
Good questions about the meds. I suggest that you take as the doctor directs, though I have yet to find a drug that actually works. The physical activity is very good and dealing with the things that stress you are a good idea, though I am not sure about quiting a job. Keep looking around tjhough.

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