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Re: India gang rape outrage, and the "big picture"

Delhi rape accused lived on margins of India's boom

By Matthias Williams and Arup Roychoudhury
Posted 2013/01/12 at 3:14 am EST

BADAUN, India/NEW DELHI, Jan. 12, 2013 (Reuters) — In a village in India's Uttar Pradesh state, a woman sits hunched on the ground in a green shawl, visibly weak and shivering in the January cold. She says she has not eaten for days, and neither have her five young children.

She has never heard of Manmohan Singh, India's prime minister, having never ventured further from her village than a nearby market town, and ekes out a living working in potato fields on other people's land.

Her eldest son left home when he was 11. He never returned, and the woman thought he was dead. The first news she got of him was when police from New Delhi turned up at her brick hut to say he had been arrested for the gang rape and death of a student, a crime whose brutality stunned India.

In an interview with Reuters, the mother of the juvenile, the youngest of six members of the gang accused of the attack, recalled the son who left home five or six years ago for the bright lights, and seemed stunned by the accusation against him.

Full article:

Note: I'm not citing this as any sort of justification for what happened; but combine endemic poverty with the "young female shortage" caused by sex-selection abortion (plus female infanticide) caused by yes, cultural factors. Contrary to the PC nonsense that rape is "all" about power, not sexual desire, a not-surprising result is more rape. (Only the shocking brutality of this rape made it a cause celebre).
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