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Re: India gang rape outrage... what happens now?

Originally Posted by Start da Game View Post
that's an understatement bro......i have more respect for 50 cent whores than western media, particularly channels like BBC which take immense pleasure in telecasting semi nude bodies of women(in presence of their husbands) in poverty struck regions in africa, mocking at illiteracy in india, interviewing war affected, helpless muslim women in the middle east and making stories about how they were raped......

rapes in uk and usa have reached a state that it is almost an integral part of their culture's just too funny that they get all high and try to take the center stage when their own situation is beyond repair......

folks who sit and discuss for hours on BBC, CNN about atrocities in the east, i doubt any of their women are safe at home when they are working in the studios......
Dude, half those folks talking are women. Do you know what century it is?

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