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Re: India gang rape outrage... what happens now?

Originally Posted by CareerSlamPova View Post
This issue is very deep rooted. As reflected by start da game's post many people here are uneducated or still hold very lowly of women. Besides in an attempt to have the most people friendly from of government we have dug a grave for ourselves cause the only way this country can improve is if we have a much more stricter law system as present in China. The heck even if the current laws are implemented well enough it would be much better but our idiotic dumb and uneducated ministers are busy feeding on people's money for their own self rather than thinking about the country. If only the laws are implemented quickly will it create some scare in the minds of rapists. This case has received international exposure now and it the government can STILL not take some big action then well expect nothing to change here. On top of that we have some more morons claiming themselves to be Godmen and coming up with such disgusting comments for the rapist, the worst part a lot of people even blindly follow them and as Mimi suggested if these people are.not punished they will continue to mislead a lot of people.

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right.....ignoring laws of nature and blindly acting according to our intent makes us educated and thoughtful......thanks for your new definition of education......

give me one country where a woman can go out all alone in the night and return home safely every single time......if that was ever possible in this world, it would have happened way back......

i really don't give a damn about what the west think anyway because they are hardly in a position to take a stand on this issue......

being an indian you should know why women are not encouraged in activities what you keep branding as "educated" or "advanced"......on the other hand i am just saying that they are not "practical" or "realistic"......anyway the point here unlike what many people think is not about what is advanced or what is backwards, it's about what is possible and what is not......

oh and i fully disagree with those morons calling themselves godmen......heinous bastards bringing a shame to hindutva and destroying our culture......once again politicians the biggest scum of our country are behind these morons......
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