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Re: Margaret Court Picture Thread

Originally Posted by thrust View Post
That had to be one of the most staisfying wins in Court's career. Though young, Evert was thrashing everyone else on clay at that time. Margareat may have not been the most graceful player, but as I remember in the 73 USO final, she had great anticipation and speed so getting to the ball seemed almost effortless. After she lost the second set the crowd went wild rooting for Evonne but you could almost see Margaret grit her teeth and say enjoy it while you can because I am winning the next set, which she did.
Thanks Uranium for locating this rare pic!

Yes Thrust, it would have been a very rewarding win for Margaret, esp having to fight tooth and nail with perhaps the greatest clay courter of all time (let's not forget Lenglen though). Yes, Chris was young, but as you say, she was still dominating the world on clay so it makes it all the more impressive for Court, esp as she was by this time a mum and also won two other slams that year. I think her 3 wins over Evert that season were all amazingly gutsy wins - all 3 setters (FO, USO, WITC) and her loss at WImbledon to Evert was also a 3 setter. That is the one that really should have been the one Court was favoured to win but she was recovering from the flu and a back injury - you can see she just ran out of puff at the end of the 2nd set. This Wimbledon one really showcases Evert in the first set playing like a chess master - lobbing on a dime and running Court ragged. Worth watching just for the precision alone although the rest of the match is an anti-climax.

I have watched all 4 of those great matches in full and the 3 that Court won were all incredible matches featuring all court tennis of the highest level. Their rivalry, although brief, was a great one as they played such different styles - Margaret always looking to attack but also as tough as nails from the back of the court, and Evert an incredibly accurate baseliner with such precision that she made it almost like a suicide mission for anyone who wanted to attack the net. Both legends.

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