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Re: Petra barbecuing in Melbourne Park

Originally Posted by netphobia View Post
I did have that thought earlier, like maybe Petra needs to either snap out of it and start beating people the way she used to, or she needs a bunch of tough losses so that she realizes she should be winning and steps up.

And I say this 100% as a fan: Maria and her friggin' cakewalk draws.
You understood the first part of the post,right?

I love to see Petra succeed,of course,but I think that so many of these Europeans here at TF forget what athletic competition is all about.It's almost as if they wanted the sporting world to act like their governments: passing out handouts and goodies to everyone(to the point of utter bankruptcy) like some sweet nanny day-care service

I could get an 'easy draw' by inviting my grandma out onto the basketball court every week and then running around with my chest out afterwards,bragging about my undefeated record.However,the games would mean a lot more if I competed against someone with good skill yet still managed to win.In the same vein,no one amongst tennis' elite would respect Petra if she racked up a ton of cakewalk wins in ITF tourneys.She'll only be respected---and will only come to trust and respect her own abilities---if she overcomes worthy opponents

I've seen a few Canucks and Aussies who were caught up in the draw-whining shtick every week...perhaps they're becoming too Europeanized....To me,sports is sports: You've got to beat whoever's in front of you

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