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Angry My 2 Hours on Day 3.

So today in Melbourne is really hot, windy. No great for players or fans.
Got worse with the results. And bc a lot more mens matches were on, didn’t have a lot of choice…

I walked passed court 5 and saw Jono Esyyeric and Ram. Jono was in total control. Sad to see he ;lost this in the end. Watching were…no surprise..the handsome talker- Arnaud Dipasquale…talking, this time to Paire and Herbert. Herbert looks 16. I saw him later walking around and the guy is so thin.

Talking of young- whilst I am on ATPP, I thought I was watching a junior match. The Bosnian Dzumhur…..he seriously looks 14. He is also very short, bloody good layer though. He was cheered on by a pretty massive Bosnian crowd. Stephy Foretz watched this match??

I was keen to see Genie again. Watched by the broad backed Rebecca marino and Ausie James Duckworth, she had chance after chance. At 5-5 in the first et tie breaker, she could have won the point 3 times. 1 smash, the Russian got it back, and then not even a smash,she was at the net and just had to slam it away, she did slam it, straight to her opponent- twice! She lost the point in the end, threw her racquet, lost the next point and hit a ball out of Melbourne Park. Got a warning. It was really bad. The Russian is feisty and pugnacious but I will say, she appealed her opponents good shots regularly.
I left, I also wanted out of Melbourne Park!

I forgot to say I say Konta yesterday, she wears Venus’s clothes. Watched her today She was watched and cheered on by the very blonde Judy Murray, She is too blonde….as in mutton dressed up as lamb blonde…Again, at 5-6, Konta was right in it and then played a really crap game, brought on by herself and her foul attitude. That aside, she has got game. I have rea don this forum that she had no intention of playing for Australia, despite spending her childhood here. I have even read some transcripts and it sounds like she actually dislikes Australia. So in some ways I am really surprised she game, since a lot of others didn’t. anyway, I don’t have a lot of time for tennis Australia or there officials but they didn’t seem to ever make comment on her – even when he had an Aus after her name. I can only hope they tried very hard to get her to play for us and to support her. She has a lot of potential. Way way way way more than the other tools they pump our tax money into. Rajiic, Holland, Peer, Moore, Wejernt have nothing on Konta and are all players that immediately come to mind who have benefited from TA assistance. Tennis Australia probably should by the rights to “the one who got away”…..
Zhou has a good game, kinky (not in the bedroom way either) serve….A lot of French ‘officials’ watched this match??

Back to genie now. Venus Williams walked passed. Kind of checked out the scene like bartoli used to. It was a bit weird. Genie by this stage was up 4-1. Her Russian opponent- who I earlier called a good sport, pulled the old need the trainer trick to change the tempo of the match. It worked. The Russian seemed to get nothing more than a band-aid placed on her shin. Seriously. But it took 5 mins and genie subsequently lost the next 4 games. Still she had her chances, especially in the tie break. The young Canadian has a great serve but her second shot is not good. She also played the wrong shot at the wrong time. A lot of people came to watch the junior Wimbledon champ, and they saw a player who dint take her chances. The main difference today was the hunger., Genie is a beautiful looking girl, who clearly has talent but comes from a wealthy background. Total, it seemed obvious that the Russian just wanted it more and that genie didn’t; really ne dot win. She has Nike. She has photo shoots with Maria Sharapova. She is a mini celeb in Canada.
I hope she sacks Nasty Natalie Tauziat and gets a men hard task master coach. And work on the 2nd shot!

Next door was Savchuk and Cabeza. Two very evenly matched players. Same Physic, same top spin game. Cabeza had a little more confidence and hit the ball maybe a tiny bit harder. That got her the win.

Also wondered passed Agul and Admazcak. Unlike yesterday the big court 6 had pretty much 6 people there….and one Nicole Pratt, cheering on mon. Wish Dinah won because ojn was pretty average today. Her backhand, like her coach Pratty, just isn’t god enough. She is fit, like Pratty but I’d say Mon will only ever get back to about 150 now.

Saw Arnaud and Herbert at TExiera, talking…:0

Anne K, in pink casual shorts and top, (out of the tennis gear, good one!!) walked passed I guess to see Konta. She walked back 30 mins later with Jeremy Bates and heard her talking about Mexico. Maybe she’ll head to Monterrey and Acapulco??

Also watched Puchkova and Dellacqua hitting up. They were at it up for about an hour. Not a lot of intensity from either of them, I have to say.

As I was leaving, dropped back into court 6. Koehler really impressed me against Clijsters and I wondered why she hadn’t made it higher last year. She hit some great grundies in the 5 or so mins I saw today. Really hard. The issue my friends is her fitness. She is much much heavier than last year. What a sham, if she got herself fit she would so be in the top 100. Maybe she has been injured? It looks more than haven’t been able to run for a week or so though to be honest….

So thee you have it. Not really as exicting as yesterday, so disappointed I didntg et to see MEC, Knapp, Sanchez and Parra in particular…

Hopefully they’ll win a few more rounds and I’ll see them on Monday and Tuesday.! (Whee I’ll be there all day and not a sneaky hour or 2) 
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