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Re: India gang rape outrage... what happens now?

Originally Posted by Talula View Post
Am I the only person that gets a little uncomfortable when the West makes such a huge news story out of situations like this? Same as the massive news story in the UK made out of some Muslim men in Northern England who were found guilty of 'grooming' some teenage white girls.

Rape, child abuse, ''grooming', is everywhere. And it ihas been going on since time began. Victorian London had child brothels and epidemic levels of syphilis. Most cases of reported rape and child abuse in the UK involve white males.

The point I'm trying to make is that I feel the Western media is hypocritical. It's as if they're saying this case is unique and unique to 'foreign' cultures, and yes, it's awful, but why is it getting the exposure it is? Women are raped everyday in the UK with no reporting in the media. There's just something about this level of exposure I'm concerned about.
So what is your point?

Would you have preferred that this news not be reported in the UK because they have rape there too?

Indian people drove this news, not the UK press nor any other western countries media.
Indians are saying to their goverment and politicians that they have had enough ; and powerful grassroot social movement of consciousness raising is taking hold.
By anyway you slice it, this is big news.

Other countries, suffering from this malady in silence because of the same structural problem and social stigma associated with rape, can learn from what Indians are doing.

Last but not last, we are in a global world where news travel fast.
It isn't the age of the telegraph anymore

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