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Re: Mona Barthel - Volume 2

Originally Posted by Hisagi. View Post
I think exactly the same. There is still so much room for improvment in her game (Her FH, footwork, defence and her intensity/competitiveness on court). I feel she can improve in all these aspects I mentioned and I hope she does in the next 2/3 years. Let's give her time.

However, I can't see her improving much without a coach. That's for sure. I think when Mona gets enough money, she will get a coach hopefully. Let's not forget she was sleeping in tents 2/3 years a go.
I also think that one part of Mona's coaching problem is about money. All the losses during the second half of the season might have reduced her financial reserves dramatically and maybe that was the reason why she forebeared to travel with her tourcoach at that time. She surely won a lot of prize money until the end of April but lets not forget that even at that time she had a lot of costs (taxes, travel costs etc.) to cover so that her net earnings might not have been as high as many people believe.

And i am also very convinced that Mona knows that she can only unfold her full potential with a good coach. Thats why she started to work with Alexander Flock last year and i suspect that she will travel again with him during the european summer. At least i still see him named as her tourcoach on her website whereas you can also see there that she broke up with her management at the same time.

Lets hope for a good development and that we will get to know Peak Mona in two years.
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