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Re: Viktorija 'Vicky' Rajicic

Rajicic vs Feuerstein - match report

Caught the match from 6-4 2-2 onwards. Used to hearing Viki’s surname pronounced Raj-i-chic… the umpire took great delight in saying… Rrriiiiii-a-chic…. Lol.

Claire is a beautiful player to match, all parts of her game look (and are) French classy. Beautiful one hand backhand, but the forehand is the one she makes the play with. Though she makes a few errors by going for her shots and with some pretty good play Viki sped to a 5-2 2nd set lead. CF tightened her game then and Viki was twice two points from the set, but just couldn’t grab the key points. Unfortunately Viki has a habit of chucking a loose point early in each game and then has to spend time and energy making the ground back.

I like Viki’s game, good serve and 2nd ball is reliable. Hits clean on both sides and defends OK. Doesn’t really get down on herself, seems to be reasonably intense out there. I believe she could be a tour player if she’s guided/coached correctly. Time will tell I suppose.

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