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Re: Monique Adamczak Cheering Thread

Match report

I’m still gobsmacked to how Mon won this match. It was on the Germans plate but I think Mon finally played someone that has the inability to cope with a close match like her.

I saw the last part of the first set with had a couple of wrong footing winners by Mon and a stack of errors by Pfizemaier for a comprehensive 6-1 set. A little voice kept telling me that this match would turn around because that’s what Mon does in Oz, but stupidly was expecting Mon to breeze through 6-1 in the 2nd (and then keep winning and qualifying.. lol)

Down 0-1 on serve, Mon was 40-0 up and then some sloppy tennis gave the German the break who then got on a bit of a roll. DP hits the ball quite hard and then by stopping the unforced errors, started playing well. But Mon’s level dropped considerably, striking the backhand late, the forehand was barely ever timed properly and many of her first serves were dropping half-way up the net and the huge speed of 115 km/h!! She was clearly tightening up when the German took it up to her and the 2nd set was over pretty quickly. The only positive, no double faults.

Mon had a good patch to go 1-0 with a break, then DP wins 4 games in a row from tight Mon tennis. At this stage I have a sick feeling in my stomach thinking Mon is goneski. Even her partner, who needs a few months of Mon’s fitness training I believe, went for a wander and looked resigned to her inevitable fate. Down 0-30 on serve, Mon somehow got out of that game and breaks back with DP now playing tight tennis – mainly the backhand finding the net when it counted (for Mon, not her!). Serving for 4-4 all, was an enormous game. I think Mon had 4 games points before she finally held on. Then the German literally fell apart. Mon just started to grind away, refusing to give any cheap points away and then broke and held to 30 for the win!

Her reaction was priceless, particularly with the crowd’s roar – awesome job overcome obvious nervous tension.

Nicole Pratt was giving Mon encouragement throughout the match which was nice. Some blonde chick, who helped Storm Sanders warm up next to the same court, was getting quite close to Nic at times….. leaning over her etc…. I wonder if Nicole was aware that she could’ve scored today!

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