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Cool Re: Upcomer? Alexandra Kiick cheering thread!

Originally Posted by fantic View Post
What a belligerent 1st post by skiusa.

Right back at you

Someone can't even tell a joke
My comment wasn't even that negative

skiusa your 'damage control', if it was, I consider as a fail.
(TennisFan218 did a MUCH better job than you
But if your intent was to alienate fans of Allie, you did a great job )

PM me if you wan't, but kicking me out is unrealistic, I'm afraid
(check my avatar, it says 'lifetime member' )

Wow your right "lifetime member"!!! Your just to big to mess with. Your comment was just as bad as her comment and I don't think anyone thinks they were jokes. I don't give a dam about her fans but i do hate people that just like to start rumors. Lifetime member

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