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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
You have to be concerned that her practice sessions and hard work she puts in arent helping her results.
Whatever the 'excuses' are: Rory, technique change, more aggression, pressure of being #1 without a major, its a year and a half later, and Caroline should be past whatever was holding her back.
Now it seems she works hard before tournaments, then loses immediately. Last spring she lost 10 of 22 matches over 4 months.
Now she starts with 2 losses in 3 matches. When is the last time Vika or Maria lost early at back to back premiers?
Should not be happening now. The end of 2012 should have been a sign of better results in 2013.
This start is very worrisome, if another weak effort at a major, you have to wonder what really is going on, and why arent they changing things, if the current situation is wrecking her career?
I'm curious to know what they're practicing and how the overall practice sessions are going. If they're practicing the right sort of things and her game is looking pretty good in practice, then it would seem her problems are mental and that some sort of sports psychologist should be looked into.

I don't know. I'd have to guess that it's been years since Vika or Sharapova have lost early at back to back premiers if it has happened. Any of their fans feel like jumping in to clarify this?

I would keep an eye on Caro's losses against players ranked outside the top 30. Despite her struggles she's still won most (between 85% and 90%) of her matches against players outside the top 30 over the past year and a half. If this win-loss record drops a lot this year, then it would be a very bad sign.

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