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Re: Ranking 2012-3

Here's Nicola, these are posts from Tennis Smart's Facebook page. That is the placement company run by Sarah Borwell. Nik is currently in Oz playing some money tournaments and spending time with her family.

Nicola Slater

I have to post this after hearing conversations happening over here with junior players looking to go the the States for University and major major misconceptions and I hope us Brits aren't making the same mistakes...

The biggest thing I am hearing are players saying "I only want to go to a top ranked school" here are the important things to remember...

1. Britain and Australia are very very small as far as competitive tennis goes. Don't get big fish in a small pond syndrome. It is a LOT harder than you think. The girls I am hearing say this are good but not good enough to be considering ranked schools. Top 15 schools, you better be ranked highly in your country. After that comes the next point...

2. 15-50 in the nation it changes CONSTANTLY. New players are coming in and out all of the time and 50-75 are all very very similar and same thing though, colleges drop in and out all of the time. Look at consistency, then you'll find a reputable coach which leads to my next point.

3. RANKINGS DON'T MATTER. Find a good coach, one where you can improve, develop your game and actually enjoy your time. There are soooo many coaches in college that cannot coach and then 75% are just plain crazy. It is 4 years and yes you may transfer but why waste any time. I started at an average school, good budget, good schedule but my coach was awful and I wasted 2 years until I transferred and I can only imagine what I could have done had I been at the right place in the beginning.

4. RANKINGS DO NOT MATTER. I will keep saying it until you believe it. It is political and will not affect you in any shape or form ESPECIALLY if you want to go pro. Find a good coach with a good schedule and that is all you need. I have looked at the rankings and cannot believe some of the schools that have players ranked. It is so inaccurate and I can speak from experience with that.

5. Think mid to high line up. If you are desperate to just get on a ranked team, especially high and are the level I have seen over here, you will ride the bench or play lower line up. This will not help you. Most lower line up players play a steady pusher game and its the player that the coach tends to rely on just to get the ball in and win. You will get lost, unless you are in the top 15 schools, who have depth.

6. Rankings DO NOT matter ;-) coach, schedule and top 3 in line up THEY matter. Take it from someone who was in the rankings with 2 different doubles partners and never played with one girl but stayed in the rankings with her all year. Take is from a player that only ever got to 55 in singles because of team ranking yet had numerous numerous top 20 wins. Also take it from a player that transferred into a team in top 30 but dropped to 74 and then we finished 12.

Be the player to help get your team a ranking from the top of the line up and build the program. Feels a lot better! :-)
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