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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
That would go directly against comments made over the 15 years or so .. He favours the stable development, adding on, bit by bit ... Unless of course it's all just been one big scam and he secretly wants Caro to be a BBB and that was his evil plan from the time she was 9!
As you indicate in the first portion of your post,what's happened recently has been a clear departure from how Caroline had been developed previously.Although you are correct that Caro makes the final decisions,it's totally unrealistic to suggest that Piotr wasn't consulted prior to the departure from the previous norm and,to some degree at least,he co-signed on the change(as Goldenlox touches on above).

Based on what we've seen from the relationship,if Piotr HAD totally disagreed with the move,he likely would've told Caroline that he still loved and supported her wholeheartedly,but could not take part in something that he felt was harmful to her career...yet would be there with open arms whenever she felt ready to return to the original course he had laid for her.

'Betrayal' is way too strong of a word to use here,but it gives a roundabout generalization of what may have happened within Caroline: She was brought up to follow the course that you refer to above...only to have the person she trusted most--who had designed that course for her--encourage her to stray from it...leading to often-disastrous results.Can we agree that she is so very unsure of herself now on if she didn't know what to believe in??

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