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Re: Belfast riots

Originally Posted by *JR* View Post
Just as the ANC had to reserve the right to use violence to end apartheid in South Africa, so did the Irish nationalists. Two nice (moderate) women in Northern Ireland shared the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, for working accross the sectarian divide, as described on the Nobel website: It amounted to nothing, until the 90's talks were started with the '94 ceasefire, and Bill Clinton giving terrorist Gerry Adams a US visa).

In terms of your quoted proviso, neither you nor I have a right to dictate how its achieved; its their country, not yours or mine. As both of ours continually learn the bitter price of trying to impose "our ways" on (now Afghanistan, with Iraq still unstable) I'm not willing to still try to... or 2B silent while Britain does, even indirectly. BTW, I (an agnostic) don't give a FF what either side's religion is, I'm just "rooting for" the end of outside assertions of continued sovereignty.
For the IRA men not to feel guilt for their crimes they have to deride those who worked peacefully in their own communities. Without the SDLP we would not have got as far as we have. Without the IRA we would have got here sooner. Their murder and mayhem only made it harder.

Regardless, we want the same thing, a united ireland. But your idea wouldnt work it would lead to the collapse of the peace process. The peace process is the only realistic avenue to a peaceful, united Ireland one day.

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