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Re: Belfast riots

Originally Posted by kwilliams View Post
Don't you think JR is baiting you, Halardfan?

Also, I doubt the blame would stop with a pullout. It might be lessened but it wouldn't stop altogether.

Also, do you have a problem with the Bloody Sunday tribunal and the money paid to the victims' families?
Bloody Sunday was a shameful event, but it can't be detached from other shameful events on all sides. Simply I say if there is to be truth and blame for the wider conflict let it be spread around. The IRA must accept it share of the blame.

Yes JR is baiting me, but blame him for that, take it up with him. All his John Bull crap.

My position is spell it out...

I want a united Ireland as soon as possible, providing it can be achieved in a peaceful way.

I accept that previous British governments should shoulder significant blame for the mess of Northern Ireland.

I loathe the Loyalist rioters, I strongly dislike the Orangemen, hate Paisley and his bigoted movement.

But I have at least as much contempt for the IRA. Who were cold blooded callous murderers, who sometimes packed their bombs with nails for extra effect, who planted bombs and killed countless innocents.

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