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Re: Belfast riots

Originally Posted by *JR* View Post
IIRC about Irish history, ancient Eire was divided into 5 regions, one being Ulster. Except that then it also (approximately) included present day County Donegal and County Clave. Of course if the Bloody Brits had included those 2 in their "new Ulster" foisted upon poor Michael Collins in 1922, it would soon have had a Catholic majority. (Can't be havin' that, Church of England).

SN: Anybody in the media who uses that 6 letter "L word" in front of the proud city name Derry ought 2B kneecapped.

Anyhow, news update:

BELFAST, Northern Ireland January 8, 2013 (AP)

Northern Ireland police say three officers have been injured in a fifth straight night of street clashes with Protestant extremists opposed to Belfast City Council's decision to reduce its flying of the British flag.

Monday night's violence in Protestant east Belfast broke out soon after the monthly meeting of the Belfast council. Police said they arrested eight suspected rioters.

Inside the council chamber, Catholic politicians who narrowly outnumber Protestants on the council defended their Dec. 3 decision to fly the Union Jack atop city hall only on 18 specific days, not year-round. Scores of Protestant street blockades have followed.

On Monday night about 300 Protestants, many of them draped in British flags, stood peacefully outside city hall. The street clashes started after most walked back into east Belfast.

C'mon cops, beat the fuck outta them!
If they were catholic protesters you would condemn the police attacking the rioters, as they are Protestant you want the police to "beat the fuck outta them." Interesting. So your complaints about prior police brutality are hollow.

Who do you think would gain most from a United Ireland? It's not Ireland, suddenly landed with all Northern Ireland's endless problems, the big benefit would be mainland Britain, finally free of this drain on our money, drain on the blood of our soldiers and innocent citizens, free of the endless one sided blame for absolutely everything.

Far more mainland Brits want a united Ireland than it to remain part of the UK.

But one thing, no compensation unless the IRA pay out for all of their victims too. For all the bombs placed in our parks, pubs, shopping centres and city streets.

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