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A lot of commentators have a habit of shining GB's helmet(that's an idiom,in case some of you non-native speakers didn't know).I can understand why b/c they have an elite QB and look stylishly impressive when clicking on all cylinders.However,they choked away a shot at a bye only the week prior so it's not like they're on some great roll or anything.Further,it's much,much easier to stack the line on Adrian Peterson when wishbone-caliber QB Joe Webb is at the controls.He's not much of a threat to hurt you when the game is outdoors and in cold weather,especially if there's a breeze.I'll be quite impressed if GB wins this weekend;to ME,their only good shot will be if Kaepernick panics and makes a few key,bonehead plays.If he merely avoids costly mistakes,then I really like SF's chances.

Likewise,Seattle's defense almost had an off day once RG3 re-injured his knee in the 1st Quarter;without Griffin's mobility(not to mention that he couldn't plant at all while throwing),Washington's offense is quite ordinary,even weak sometimes.Still,Seattle has a decent shot vs. Atlanta,IMO: Not only do the Falcons struggle to run the ball,but their WRs can get pushed around by physical DBs like Seattle's.The key might be how Wilson copes with the Atlanta pass rush.Seattle's 'O' was unimpressive vs. a below-average Redskins defense,and I believe that any rookie QB is almost destined to drop off at some point in a playoff run.Having said that,the Seahawks might pull it out vs. perennial playoff jokes Atlanta,but the fun times come to an ugly end when SF's D gears up for the rematch in 2 weeks.

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