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Re: Have you ever been so drunk you peed your bed?

Originally Posted by Dave Robertson View Post
In college I peed the bed on my very last night there...blackout drunk. That was the last time.

Before that I woke up in the middle of the night and peed on my roommate's Laz-Y-Boy chair. I realized what I was doing in the middle of it and finished in the bathroom. The next day I dried it up before he got up and there was no smell. I can't believe I got away with it.

I've been sober 15 years btw
Just to add to this, since I was posting from my phone yesterday and it's a pain in the ass...

When I peed the bed on my last night at CMU, the mattress was of course in laughable condition but it was the property of the apartment owners, who eventually went bankrupt and never returned my security deposit anyway I even went through the trouble of repairing and repainting a wall we had...damaged.

My last night wasn't the night before graduation...I actually walked through commencement and then had to finish up with a 3-week capstone class after graduation (15 weeks of work condensed into 3 week summer course )

And I think it's La-Z-Boy...not Laz-Y-Boy chair.

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