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Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
Exactly. The fact that she lost is not shocking but the score certainly is.

Not being a fan it is easy to say this but I still believe that Petra will be back in the top five and a threat at the slams. She is streaky but when she is "on" her game is very formidable. Petra has all of the pieces but they have just become a bit jumbled up. Once she puts them all back together I think she will be fine. It is a common criticism but we haven't even seen what a fit Petra is capable of. If she gets herself in better shape she could be even better than she was when she nearly rose to number one.
Well, she is very up-and-down, so this could be just the 'down' time for her. She's not played at her best for a while so I guess she is under a lot of pressure right now. AO will be a good test of where she's at with her game,confidence etc.
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