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Re: Ohio Rape: High School Students Joke About Rape In Leaked Video !

Originally Posted by Start da Game View Post

as for she being minority, she is a part sikh and sikhs are given equal respect......most often in india, minorities are pampered and hindus are neglected based on the exaggeration of the hindu principle "sarva dharma samabhava" (treating all dharmas equally)......

i am betting that nobody tolerates minorities as much as we indians do.......if we were as adamant as islamic countries or even some western countries, imagine what 100 crore hindus can do to the minorities......
You are condescending, disrespectful to you fellow Indian citizens.

Do you realize using the word "tolerate" , "pampered" to refer to the presence other Indians who are different from shows contempt for them.
Not only you seem to be treating them as "guests", "the other", but you don't view them as equal.

And this sentiment has permeated many of your posts.

You claim you defend India, but you are embarrassing Indians by your neanderthal way o f thinking.

As posters after posters have shown, it is tedious to engage you.

BTW, having a vigorous debate is not the same as bashing.
We Americans are used to it, and never object to non-Americans joining in.

In fact, some of us are curious to know how certain aspect of the American politics is perceive elsewhere.; so we welcome participation from anywhere w/o checking passport at the door or asking them to sign confidentiality agreement that they will NOT be critical of the USA.

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