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Re: India gang rape victim dies

Originally Posted by bulava View Post
I don't know about you but I see plenty of people like tennisbum who are driven by their own agendas or just to show big nations (India/China/Russia etc) in poor light by ignoring their own backyards. Example, read this one:
I think you are mistaken, I have no agenda.

There have been a few discussion where you have leveled stinging criticism of the West and the US in particular.
Some of them I agree with, for the ones I do not agree, I did not go look for stats on India as a rebuttal.

I believe your mentioning of China/Russia refers to the discussion about Russia veto against the UN resolution that would have taken stronger measures against Syrian government.

At the time, I argued that they should not have vetoed the resolution because the conflict need to stop. And pressure generated by the sanction would have brought the Syrian government to negotiate a more peacful resolution to the crisis
You, on the other hand, thought the US and the West had no right to interfere in the internal affair of a sovereign country.

You went on to to criticize the US for all the wrong it did around the world.
My concerns was driven by the worsening humanitarian crisis and how to stop it.

Fast-forward to today, Syrian had gotten much worse; since our discussion, several more people have died, more have been displaced.
Russia has come to recognize the new reality and has concluded the situation to be untenable and is looking for a way out of crisis, but they don't know how

I know you were arguing on principles, and I respect that. But you have to balance it with the lives of real humans.

I don't know of many US posters on this site who are so sensitive of external criticism coming from non-American that they will assign ulterior motive to their argument criticizing the USA.
In fact, many American agree with some of your criticism of US, and you will find them joining you if you bring them in the right context; not as tic-for-tac.

You see yourself as being squarely in camp of Russia/China in a geopolitical world and I have no issue with that.
But I can't sit here and pretend it does not color your argument, example being you see any criticism of Russia or China as an attempt to show them in bad light.

In this discussion, you display the tendency Ashi described in her post below.

Originally Posted by Ashi View Post
Personally, in general I think Indians are obsessed with what others think about them(as seen in this thread ). 'Reputation', 'Honour', 'Respect', 'Position' etc etc are bandied about like there's no tomorrow. Don't do this/ Don't do that your/family's reputation is at stake. It becomes a part of your psyche.
This is a major reason for unreporting of rape and believe it or not female infanticide. Your manhood is in question if you haven't fathered a son.
Women are considered 'Paraya Dhan'....treasure which is to be given why invest in them anyway. This is how least common denominator think.
Education is key here.

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